Every meaningful activity must have an objective to make it a success. The objective of the activity is created in alignment with organisation business goals set by the Management and senior leadership. We consult with your business leaders to understand the business, industry, competitor’s advantage, opportunities, challenges, and success metrics. These insights are used to create the objectives and requisite methodology for the intervention to achieve the desired outcomes. Once the objectives are vetted by the business manager, our team crafts a customised Integrated Intervention journey suited for your organisation.


There is a saying that “One shoe size does not fit all.” At K2B we believe even if it fits the environment could be different and we wear shoes not only what fits in the size but also what is required as per the environment we live. Similarly, one standard solution cannot meet all the challenges and nuances of every organisation. Hence, we believe there is a need to craft an intervention which is pertinent to the culture, goals, requirements, and objectives of your company. All our interventions are specially crafted to fit your requirements exactly. Our Interventions are designed to equip your employees to apply the learnings and skills in real-world situations. K2B facilitators assigned to each project come with vast functional experience which enables them to mentor the participants with practical, actionable solutions.

Integrated Interventions 

All humans learn differently thus it is essential to have an integrated blended approach to learn. Our interventions are crafted to meet not only your organisation’s specific needs but also that of your employees. The intervention is hence, crafted keeping different touch points, mediums, and strategies in mind to give a wholesome robust solution.


Learning takes place when the individual makes connections and reflects on the change required. This requires that the new learning is applied in real life situations. Our strategies help to augment the learnings. We provide post training assessment and support to implement the learnings seamlessly. Over time they lead to a permanent change in behaviour. Our strategies are based on science and research done in the field of Learning and Motivation.


The Business and behavioural impact of any initiative decides whether it has been successful. Our post training assessment and support measure the impact of the learnings on your business. These findings are compared with the goals that had been identified during the Discovery phase to map the success of the intervention.